We care about one thing — results.

John Kho Consulting is a marketing consultancy that brings together 25 years of disciplined business wisdom with the unbridled creativity of a powerful think tank.

Our focus is to help organizations grow bigger, faster and smarter. In a highly competitive world that demands you play to win, we provide innovative ideas and strategies that have a direct, positive impact on your bottom line.

We believe the most effective marketing begins in the trenches. By first gaining a thorough understanding of your targets. Learning their needs, desires and tendencies. And identifying solutions that influence behavior and inspire confidence, trust and patronage.

We also believe that high-quality communications are essential to telling a powerful brand story. We craft insightful, targeted marketing campaigns that help our clients differentiate their organizations from their competitors and build stronger bonds with customers.

At John Kho Consulting, we are committed to helping your organization —

  • Grow revenue

  • Expand market share

  • Improve cost efficiencies

  • Reach new audiences

  • Increase loyalty

What John Kho Consulting brings to the table